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Β Join moms Sarah and Stacy on The Paleo View Podcast for Gossip, Science and Answers to your questions!

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Nominated for Best of 2013 Podcast and Best of 2014 Podcast by Paleo Magazine, The Paleo View is an entertaining podcast with a specific show format that feels like you’re having a conversation with your best friends. Aimed at helping people who want to live a healthy and eat real foods, the show focuses on nutrient density, low-inflammation lifestyles, medical research and science, and the hosts own personal experiences. Sarah and Stacy make the show easy enough to understand for anyone just thinking about going gluten-free and offer fun knowledge-bombs for even the hardest-core paleoites eating organ meat for breakfast… and everything in between!

Topics of the show include transitioning out of a standard diet (processed foods), managing disease and Autoimmune conditions, pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight-loss (S&S have lost over 250lbs combined!), emotional and eating disorders, living paleo as a family, interviewing paleo “weblebrities” and so much more. Not to mention, as bestselling Paleo authors, Stacy and Sarah love to talk about food!

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  • Carol Cheney

    Ok, so I listened to the podcast today!
    From my research a few weeks ago, I picked up on the Vitamin C, and began taking it before breakfast and dinner. I’m happy to report that my hands are doing amazingly better. It’s not cured, but the amount of itching is tolerable on the palm of my hands but I’m still using a cortisone on it at least once a day. I haven’t had corn in a couple weeks, so perhaps that combo of Vitamin C and no Vitamin corn are helping!!
    Thanks for your attention to my health and allergies! 😘