The Paleo Parents Team

But You’re a Family – What Do You Mean TEAM?!

Over the years that we’ve been running this blog, we’ve found that we simply just cannot keep up with everything we want to do with it. Try as we might, this is not a full-time job for us – in fact, Stacy’s full-time career is very demanding. As are the 3 blonde boys that Matt runs after all day long. There’s a house to clean, food to cook and children to care for all on top of writing recipes, interviewing with the media, running two podcasts and keeping up with all of you! Admittedly, it’s gotten out of control for us and we’re attempting to find ways that we can still provide you with awesome content, but find more time for sleep…

The last thing we want is to burn out and run away from the internet hoarding cinnamon buns in a cave somewhere. And frankly, that’s where the stress probably would take us! So, we started the journey to simplify our website efforts when we kicked off our Guest Series and lined up fantastic bloggers to contribute at least one post a week for us to share with you all. We’ve been thrilled with the quality of posts they’ve been graciously providing, and with the wonderful support you all have shown for them as a result – thank you!

What Will this Team be Doing?!

As the e-mails piled up of things we wanted to do but simply didn’t have time for, an idea occurred to us! What if we asked our friends to help us? Fortunately for us, they said yes ♥

Now, over time these members of our “team” have grown to also make the blog more useful for you and help with creating content. Additionally, they also are helping to manage the administrative burden associated with an inbox, blog, and media that receives hundreds of comments a week.

Each of them has been following the blog for quite a while, knows our story, approach to paleo and has similar thoughts and beliefs – although each obviously bring their own perspective as well. So, be on the look out for these awesome ladies and the content they’re contributing. Since we personally know each and every one, we have faith that they will deliver the honesty and openness paired with kind helpfulness you’re (hopefully) used to finding on our blog!


Carol Cheney – Social Media Manager

It truly is a family here – please join us in welcoming our newest team member, Stacy’s mom! And yes, she DOES have it going on! When our long-time team member and Operations Manager told us she needed to scale back to prepare for the arrival of her third baby, we weren’t sure how we were going to manage her projects. But then – it occurred to us that we already have the PERFECT team member close at hand, ready to dive right in because she knows all things Paleo Parents, heck – she is THE Paleo Grand-Parent (although she would hate that I called her that!) When she eagerly excepted the position, we were thrilled, and know you will be too! She is going to add an amazing dimension to the work we do! ♥♥♥

Carol Cheney, Paleo Parents Team Member

My name is Carol, but I’m called many names. I’m CC to my friends, I’m GiGi to my 3 grandmonkeys, and I’m Mom to my 2 adult kids, Kristopher and Stacy.

That’s right, I’m Stacy’s mom! You’ll have to excuse me, because I usually call her Boo!
I have been eating mostly primal since 2008. I had gluten intolerance all my life, but it became worse as I aged. Shortly after Stacy went Paleo I became more strict about staying gluten-free because it became a severe allergy; I actually went into anaphylactic shock after eating licorice in 2011. I grew up in the DC area, but was raised by southern parents. Lard was used in everything! As an adult, I lived in Virginia Beach for 23 years. I’ve been back in DC two years.
After that scare, I became a tyrannical label reader. I have a few other allergies too; black walnuts, bees, and some medications. I often see my sensitives in Stacy, who has similar health issues as I, and poor Finn inherited my skin sensitivities.
My picture reflects the many facets of my life. My family, my boyfriend Martin, and just me! Everyone needs alone time! I enjoy traveling to beaches, reading, hiking, bike riding, watching murder shows like Dateline (my favorite show is The Walking Dead), Green Bay Packers football, trying new restaurants, tiny houses, beaches, cooking, and being with my friends and family, hopefully at the beach!
I hope to add another dimension to Paleo Parents, and that’s how to keep healthy as we mature. Plus, I like cheese, so more primal recipes! #FTW  Connect with Carol on Instagram or follow her on our social media, too!

Monica Kenney – Podcast Producer

Team Member, Monica Kenney, Paleo Parents

Monica was the first Paleo Parents Team member, joining as our assistant in 2012 through a desperate call for help. Since that time she has helped with a number of tasks and now supports both Strong Woman Radio and The Paleo View as co-producer. Outside of the work that Monica does for the team, she is busy raising two little boys and preparing for the arrival of her third, while also supporting customer services for Ultimate Bundles. She discovered the Paleo lifestyle when introducing solids to her oldest son, and has since had a strong passion for all things healthy living.

Connect with Monica: Blog | Instagram | Pinterest


Crystal Schmidt – Content Coordinator


Crystal lives with her fiancé on a small hobby farm, their “homestead” in the beautiful countryside of Wisconsin. They started their Paleo journey over a year ago and haven’t looked back! Crystal writes the blog Whole-Fed Homestead, where she shares her journey of cooking simple and home-grown Paleo meals, raising their own meat animals, gardening, preserving the harvest, and the ups and downs of life on a small farm.

Connect with Crystal: Blog | Instagram | Facebook


Previous team members whose contributions you’ll still see on the blog include:


Courtney McGregor

Courtney began her Paleo journey a few years ago after meeting Stacy at the farmers market. Before Paleo, she struggled with weight, fertility, and insulin resistance.  Since adopting the Paleo lifestyle and joining a local Crossfit box, Courtney has lost weight and maintained healthy insulin and sugar levels.


Samantha Scott

Sam had dealt with skin allergies, acid reflux, acne, frequent bronchitis, and was hoping to reach a healthy-to-her weight. When her family decided to switch to Paleo, it changed their lives, and they collectively lost 99 pounds.



Aimee Buxton

Aimee breaks up fights between two kids all day, but in between she ferments, exercises, and finds new weird meats to eat on Instagram. She is the photographer for our cookbooks Beyond Bacon and Real Life Paleo. You can find her at blogging what she eats and what recipes she is testing from cookbooks. 



Amelia Dodson

Amelia enjoys cooking real food for herself and her wonderful husband, getting back to the joy and passion she shared with her grandparents as a kid. You can find out more about Amelia in her Guest Post or visit her at Amelia’s Healthy Life.



Kari Scott

Kari loves reading about nutrition and food, trying new recipes, and finding ways to make her body healthier while helping others on their journeys.



Anne Mockus

Anne is passionate about sourcing as much of her food as she can from local farms with sustainable farming practices.  She runs a number of local co-ops and is one of the administrators of the DC Metro Co-Ops & Meat Shares group on Facebook.


Joanna fb

Joanna Snead

Joanna is a CrossFitter, backcountry skier, cycle-tourist, white water kayaker, traveller, cook, baker, and digital product manager. She has been Paleo-ish for a number of year and happily married to a vegetarian for even longer. As such, she is the master at turning one dish two.