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A Harry Potter Halloween – Part 1: The Stuff!

In case you weren’t yet aware, we’re kind of obsessed with Harry Potter. Hence, our repeated visits to Universal Studios Florida and our Better Butter Beer recipe. So this year, when faced with how to prepare for our Annual…


Guest Post: Fruit Tinted Lip Balm, Thriving on Paleo

You may have noticed from my Instagram account that I kind of have a love for the girly things in life – fabulous nail designs, Anthro ensembles, and I am all about accessorizing with statement jewelry pieces! Oh, and don’t forget those…


Once a Month Meals – – the Game Changer

Keep reading for details on how Once a Month Meals works and how you get take a test run for FREE! There is this assumption that food bloggers eat awesome meals ALL THE TIME. When in reality, most of our meals are…


What We Did in 2014

We are now one week into the new year of Twenty-Fifteen! This year, we can expect hoverboards, flying cars, and rehydrating foods, right? Or at least a Sentinel-ridden dystopia that Kitty Pryde will need to save us from? Or…


Tutorial Thursday: Broth and Stock and Bones

      Last week, we covered one of our staples, the miraculous cooking fat, lard. This week, we’re continuing our coverage of items you ought to always have around the house. Strangely, this may be the single most…


Tutorial Thursday: All About LARD

      We’re back! After a long hiatus (thanks to the launch of Real Life Paleo), we’re back with another tutorial! Just in time for all of your holiday baking, we’ve got all the information you need on…


The Best Paleo Recipes of 2014 E-Book

  Find out more about The Best Paleo Recipes of 2014 E-Book While visiting Bill and Hayley of Primal Palette over a year ago, we had this pow wow about how great it would be if we could figure…


Weekend Wrap Up, 10/25: Stacy on TV!

Look, Ma! Stacy’s on TV! This week, Stacy got the chance to be on TV to promote Real Life Paleo as well as next week’s Take Back Your Health Conference that she’ll be speaking at! While Stacy was extremely…


Hey Girl Paleo

This post is an announcement. Stacy, flush with free time since Beyond Bacon has been released, is starting a new, less serious blog on tumblr. Go and check out Hey Girl Paleo! Follow the Tumblr blog here Follow the…


Wellness Digital Bundle

So the last time there was a super-fantastic e-Book bundle, we were on a no-spend month and I silently sobbed that I couldn’t take advantage of such a fantastic deal. This time, however, I’m off of no-spend month and…