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The Wesley Waffle

Our youngest son Wesley has some exciting news he’d like share with you! The littlest brother of three foodie kids, who hold regular cooking competitions in our kitchen, can’t stop talking about the greatest culinary achievement of his life thus…

Real Food

5 Years Ago

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been a couple now for fifteen whole years! The two of us have been inseparable all that time. When I met Stacy, I was a 20 year old kid with no idea what…

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Are you REALLY Appreciating Each and Every Day, fully?

This weekend our family had quite a scare. Last week our oldest son wasn’t feeling well, so we took him to the doctor. Despite classic Appendicitis symptoms he was diagnosed with “Noro or Rotovirus.” Two days later, when the…

Real Food

Dining Paleo in DC: Gluten-Free Bakeries

We continue our review of local foodie places in Metro DC with this guide to our three favorite gluten-free bakeries! If you’re in the mood for a cookie or need a gluten-free cake for an upcoming celebration, these are…


Dining Paleo in DC: Elevation Burger

We often get the request from our readers to talk about what we do on those occasions when we go out. Gluten-free is often difficult for people in and of itself, let alone paleo or grass-fed or organic or…


Our Top 15 Posts of 2015

When we went into book writing hiatus at the end of 2014, we approached 2015 with the top priority of spending as much time together as a family as possible. We wanted to enjoy new opportunities and experiences, set out on…