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Weekly Meal Plan: New Favorites and Old Classics!

Now that summer is here and the farmer’s markets are back in swing, our meal planning has changed a little bit. Instead of selecting recipes, making a grocery list, and then hitting the grocery scene- we allow for a little…

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Our Summer-Inspired Weekly Family Meal Plan

This week’s menu is a great one filled with lots of simple, summer-inspired meals! We’ve been grilling, breaking out bright flavors, and making all-around fun meals loaded with lots of veggies and health-promoting ingredients! All of the recipes in…

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Fried Calamari Recipe + Our Weekly Meal Plan

It feels great to be back home, back on a schedule, and back to meal planning again! While I was away on vacation, Matt was winging dinner, and he and the boys were eating plenty of quick-cooking meals and…

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What We Ate: Our {Very Special} Weekly Meal Plan!

This week’s menu is a very special one because it includes three very important days: Wesley’s birthday, our 6th Paleo-versary, and Mother’s day! Plus, at the commencement of this meal plan, Stacy will be heading off for a dream trip…

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Crustless Quiche Recipe + Our Weekly Meal Plan

There are so many great Paleo cookbook authors and recipe-creators out there… and we love when we get to share their recipes with you! Kelly from A Girl Worth Saving and author of Paleo Eats is letting us share her recipe…


Seafood Egg Casserole

On Easter morning, we really wanted an interesting way to serve some delicious and nutritious seafood with our morning brunch. The inspiration was a crab cake with poached egg on top, but in a way that wouldn’t require Matt…


Garlic & Herb Perfect Pork Chops

There aren’t many things I genuinely believe I have mastered. Even pretty mundane things, like walking or reading or talking, I know I could do better.  But when it comes to cooking chops and steaks, I really feel like…