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Our Summer-Inspired Weekly Family Meal Plan

This week’s menu is a great one filled with lots of simple, summer-inspired meals! We’ve been grilling, breaking out bright flavors, and making all-around fun meals loaded with lots of veggies and health-promoting ingredients! All of the recipes in…

Real Food

Fried Calamari Recipe + Our Weekly Meal Plan

It feels great to be back home, back on a schedule, and back to meal planning again! While I was away on vacation, Matt was winging dinner, and he and the boys were eating plenty of quick-cooking meals and…

Real Food

What We Ate: Our {Very Special} Weekly Meal Plan!

This week’s menu is a very special one because it includes three very important days: Wesley’s birthday, our 6th Paleo-versary, and Mother’s day! Plus, at the commencement of this meal plan, Stacy will be heading off for a dream trip…

Real Food

Crustless Quiche Recipe + Our Weekly Meal Plan

There are so many great Paleo cookbook authors and recipe-creators out there… and we love when we get to share their recipes with you! Kelly from A Girl Worth Saving and author of Paleo Eats is letting us share her recipe…



This Sunday is Easter, which means a lot of things to a lot of people. But one of the meanings is certainly a celebration of the arrival of Spring. That’s what all the egg and rabbit and plastic grass…