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Guest Post, Level Health and Nutrition: The Easy Way

Note: You can find another post-surgery paleo success story, Shelly Good, join Stacy and the extremely witty Krista Scott Dixon of Stumptuous on Paleo Magazine Radio Episode 5 on Women’s Health this week, too. Stacy talks candidly about disordered…

The Paleo View

TPV Podcast, Episode 16: The Gallbladder Show

In this episode, it's all about the gallbladder! Stacy doesn't have one and shares her experiences and how it was certainly linked to gluten intolerance. We invite over the nutritionist who convinced her to use supplements to make up…


Stacy's Autoimmune Protocol Results

Before I begin this post, offering my results, links and information on the Autoimmune Protocol of Paleo work, let's take a moment to thank Diane Sanfilippo for creating her definitive guide and information source on all variations of applying…


How Stacy Beat Post-Nursing Depression

Let me first start by saying, wow. The response to this post was overwhelmingly supportive and amazing. I admitted in that post to suffering from depression, which I attributed to post-nursing hormone changes. For 7 years I was pregnant or nursing. My…

The Paleo View

TPV Podcast, Episode 2: The Autoimmune Protocol

In this episode, Stacy and Sarah are both on the autoimmune protocol of the paleo diet for their various health issues. This has been a topic of much discussion among blog readers and pod listeners! The ladies breakdown why…


WTF, Practical Paleo is AWESOME – Part 1

If you recall, I made a commitment to myself to do the WTF Plan. Short story results: I've lost 10lbs and feel much better. If you're up for the long version, and my gushing review of Practical Paleo, I…


Taking on Too Much

One of the things that I made myself promise to do for April, was stop taking on too much. I've been EXTREMELY busy in my career job. When I'm already putting in 10-14 hours a day there, having anything…


Stacy's New Protocol and Mantra

People in my normal-don't-know-I'm-a-paleo-blogger-freak life always ask me, How did you lose the weight? No, really what did you do? No, REALLY, what pills are you taking? It's obnoxious. And rude. And hurtful. Frankly, NOYB. But, since they're jealous…


Rendering Suet into Tallow

UPDATE: We now follow the method found here for rendering.  A few weeks back we visited Mt. Vernon Farms and, among the other goodies we got, picked up some grass-fed beef suet. Suet is essentially pure fat that is…

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