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Crispy Roast Duck

Recently, US Wellness Meats, our go to online grass fed meat vendor, came out with a new line of pastured duck offerings. If you know us, you know that this was extremely good news. We’ve been looking for a…

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Stacy’s Soups

Almost every morning Stacy posts a picture of her breakfast to Instagram. Most of the time, this breakfast is soup. And almost every time we are bombarded for requests for “Recipe?!” I really don’t know how to respond to…


Cole’s Mango Madness

If you asked Cole what his favorite fruit in the world was, he would definitely say “Mango!” And really, how can you blame him? They’re perfectly appealing to a kid. Very sweet, soft, and slippery, a mango is truly…

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Blueberry Breakfast Cookies

The past few days our home has been filled with friends as we celebrate the release of Beyond Bacon. We love to party and accordingly have happily hosted many house guests and enjoyed filling the bellies of each of…


Nut-Free Cobbler

Today we’re sharing a delicious recipe, but tomorrow, we’re sharing something even bigger! Tomorrow is the release of BEYOND BACON, our newest cookbook. It should be on your local bookstore shelves for you to pick up first thing in…


Shrimp Salad and Ambrosia Salad

Yesterday was the first day of summer! It shouldn’t surprise anyone that means a change in our food habits (clearly, Winter Isn’t Coming). And during the warmer months, when the kitchen begins to seem like a furnace, people start…

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Eggs Stacy

Stacy’s favorite breakfast to order in restaurants used to be Eggs Benedict. With a delicious yolk plus Hollandaise and a bed of bread to soak it all up, it seemed the perfect indulgent meal for brunch. But then when…