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Samoa Brownies

You know our good friend and illustrator, Amanda Gates, right? She's been a tremendous help to us both on the website and as the artistic half of the Eat Like a Dinosaur design team (with Stacy). So when she asked…


CrossFit Capital Games of 2012

One of the many perks of running this blog is meeting lots of interesting people. Some of them are totally awesome, but normal people with interesting tales to tell (some of those people can be found telling their amazing…


Release Month Is Over!

Well, we made it through what was perhaps the most busy month of our lives and have reached the end of the insane marketing blitz for Eat Like a Dinosaur! We hope that everyone who wanted a copy got…


A Real True Blog Update: Our Life (Again)!

It's April! Matt and I are breathing for the first time since February. We had a few things going on... if you hadn't heard. Last week was Finian's birthday (who let him be FOUR). He asked for a chocolate chip fudge cake,…


More ELaD Kindness to Share

We are so grateful! The past week has been quite the whirlwind! We are so humbled that so many of you have enjoyed our book and have found it to be useful in your homes. Without the support of…


Pay It Forward: The Last ELaD Giveaway

  News Flash: super stealth announcement at the end of this post! So we’ve done quite a few giveaways this month, in celebration of our newly released book – Eat Like a Dinosaur. If you recall, first we gave…


Eat Like a Dinosaur Week 3 Recap

So, I'm Sharing My Wife this Week Yesterday morning we put Stacy on a plane and sent her to Texas. She's right now having a tremendous time partying with the paleo glitterati at the Paleo FX conference. Are you there?…


Eat Like a Dinosaur Week 2 Recap

First off, a short note for those who are asking where your book is. We've been getting a lot of confusion from followers of ours when they see people already getting their copy of Eat Like a Dinosaur when their…