For Ingredients

Eat Wild helps you find local humane meat farms
US Wellness Meats
online grass-fed meats, delivered!
Mount Vernon Farm in Virginia
Polyface Farm in Virginia
U-Pick Fruit & Veggie Farm in Maryland
Great Country Farms U-Pick Fruit & Veggie Farm in Virginia

Coconut products at Tropical Traditions
Blanched almond flour at Honeyville
Lunchmeat at Applegate Farms

For Lunchboxes

Laptop Lunches Bento Box Set
Goodbyn Original and Bynto
Lunchbot Steel Containers
Steeltainers Steel Containers

For Dietary Advice

Robb Wolf
Mark’s Daily Apple
Balanced Bites
Cave Girl Eats

Random Articles We Love

Robb Wolf’s FAQ
I’d be a big liar if I didn’t admit to having a giant crush on Robb.  His website, podcast, book, seminars and comprehensive FAQs will help answer a lot of the detailed questions you’ll start to ask after your journey has begun.

A Paleo Message Board filled with wonderful Q & A information.

Paleo Diet Lifestyle
With a Facebook page, a recipe book and comprehensive website this can be a one-stop shop for Paleo education.

Dairy Addiction Information
A message board chain with data and additional resources on how dairy can be an addiction with opiod-like qualities to humans.

Paleo Weightloss “rules” (if you dont want to read the book)

Carb Education Links:
LA Times Article
How We Get Fat

What is Real Food?

Good article on fats at Balanced Bites, Which Fats to Eat

What to prioritize when eating Paleo on a Budget

Why not to go crazy with nuts

Preschoolers with Knives – this sums up our entire parenting philosophy!

Good Choices When Eating Out

On-the-go, we choose Chipotle salads.  With farm raised meats and fresh ingredients my kids devour, I’m willing to occasionally forgive soy bean oil.

The kids like it when we go to Red Robin.  If you need a place to meet family and friends, find a local chain that has a gluten-free menu you can work with.

We LOVE Vietnamese and Thai food.  Rice noodles can be an occasional treat, or opt for a yummy curry.

Todai Asian Buffet (or sushi in general) has a wonderful sushi bar with lots of great salads and fresh food – avoid soy sauce (ask for Tamari, it’s wheat-free cousin).

Brazilian Steakhouses (Texas de Brazil and Chima Steakhouse) are perfect places to dineout upscale – just make sure they dont have a wheat-based spice rub on their meats.

Locally, I recommend Choices by Shawn in Fairfax, VA – Gluten and Dairy-free food options in a celiac kitchen!

Lastly, our favorites are local burger joints Elevation Burger, Ray’s Hellburger and 5 Guys.