Our Fun Food Accessories

You know what one of the most common questions we ever get asked is?  No, it’s not about nutrition. It’s not about weight loss. It’s about the plates & bowls we use. Where is that [insert food accessory item name] from?! And that’s perfectly OK, it tells us we’re doing our job – we’re getting you, your children, and your family excited about eating real food.

We use a variety of fun and exciting kid-friendly food accessories from a variety of vendors for a couple reasons.

  1. Kids want to eat something when it looks fun.
  2. We run a food blog; people enjoy looking at fun photos.
  3. Some of the items we feature are reusable, recycled, BPA-free or otherwise “earth friendly” and we like to encourage that.
  4. Stacy enjoys hunting for and finding these things at Home Goods and bringing them home to surprise the boys.

Instead of trying to get gorgeous food photography shots (like these or these), we focus our energy on making the food look fun for a kid. We know that in order to convince your child that a health food can taste good, it has to look good too. And not in the way you think it does on Foodgawker, but in the way that it does from Pillsbury and Kellogg commercials.

So, one of our ways to do that is to create an environment for our children – and yours if they follow our blog or have Eat Like a Dinosaur – in which cartoons, monsters, robots, space and whatever else your children may be into become part of their meal. Plus, it’s also a heck of a lot more fun to buy cool reusable food bags, rather than earth destroying plastic ones.  So, here’s the items you’ll see on the site and in the book. Just click the item to be taken to a selling source.

Stacy’s eco-friendly large Jute lunchbox

If we’ve forgotten one here that you’ve seen on our site, please let us know!

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