Blog Roll

Wanna Get Geeky on Science?

Balanced Bites
Diane blogs as Holistic Nutritionist specializing in blood sugar regulation, food allergies, and digestive health.  I often use her site as a science-based resource.

Cave Girl Eats
Not much to say here; she’s a great, insightful writer about eating Real Food and making smart choices. More in-line with WAPF and recently certified in nutrition, she brings humor to her insightful advice and whole foods approach.

Robb Wolf
Scientist with a great website, book, podcast, seminars, gym and detailed knowledge on all things Paleo. There is more information on his site, books and podcast that even we will ever be able to absorb. Sign-up for his newsletter and forums for even more action!

Mark’s Daily Apple
A huge mover and shaker in the community, Mark’s blog posts and newsletters are full of information you won’t want to miss!

The Paleo Mom
Our Paleo View partner in crime! Go to Sarah’s site for the best breakdowns of biochemistry you’ll find on the paleo internet!


Recipe Blogs

Elana’s Pantry
Awesome baker and chef; Celiac who uses almond flour to make rich, delicious recipes packed with protein.  Her baked good recipes are 100% spot-on and will satiate any sweet craving you may have.  We’ve had great success using a 50/50 ratio of honey/maple syrup to replace agave in all of her recipes. We’ve served dozens of them to non-Paleo friends and family who never complain – in fact my sister asked for her cupcakes for her birthday!

The Food Lovers Primal Palate
With gorgeous photos and recipes, as well as their book Make It Paleo, this pair is always cooking up delicious recipes that never disappoint us.

How M&H figure out how to cook such beautifully spectacular food for the little Os is beyond me. If you have an iPad their NomNomPaleo App is awesome… if not stalk their daily food-gasm-worthy culinary adventures and recipes!

Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations
The nicest hunk we know (other than Matt), George cooks up delicious recipes and is always having fun giveaways!

Spunky Coconut
Kelly bakes grain-free for her 3 adorable daughters, using mainly coconut.  She’s a great resource for nut-free and egg-free based baked goods but beware beans, psyllium husk and other hard-to-digest non-paleo foods. We love her ice cream book!

The Clothes Make The Girl. You probably already follow Melissa, but it’s worth sharing since her fantastic paleo Whole9 approved cook book Well Fed just came out. You can download a free 30 page mini-version from her site or preview it on Amazon!

Roost Blog
Breathtaking and amazing grain-free recipes. Period.

Against All Grain
A terrific collection of recipes from a talented blogger! She has worked with us to make baked goods for Stacy’s current autoimmune plan

Urban Poser
We’ve teamed up with TUP on a few occasions and was inspired to make Stacy dessert for her autoimmune plan. A fantastic blog to visit and be inspired!

Healthy Living How To
Our partner from Cozumel writes on a variety of topics from recipes to exercise to life tips. She has both guest posted for us and appeared on The Paleo View.

Sustainable Dish
Diana Rodgers is the mind behind Sustainable Dish. Through her Radiance Nutrition practice, she’s been helping Stacy recover her health and was the genius who put together the Sustainable Feast during AHS.


Real Food Recipe Compiling Sites

Awesome site that compiles beautiful and delicious Paleo recipes from the entire web-world!

A gallery of gorgeous paleo-friendly foods, linked to the blog writers who crafted them.

Chowstalker’s sister, the perfect place to find more Paleo friendly sweet treats.


Less Known Sites We Love

We also have compiled some great recipes from blogs and sites that we’re looking forward to trying.  There’s just too many to list here! However, if you’re looking for more, visit some of our lesser known Paleo favorites as announced on our “Day of Discovery” Facebook and site posts:

  • The Mango Duck. I first discovered Mango Duck when Stacy texted me a link to a recipe and insisted we needed to make it RIGHT AWAY! All of the recipes on the blog we’ve tried are truly fantastic and we give it our highest recommendation.
  • ANTHROfit. Ian is a member of our meetup group (when the 49ers aren’t playing) and we got to meet his family, all great. He’s a registered nurse and so his posts have the actual authority of someone who knows what he’s talking about. Imagine that!
  • Multiply Delicious. Stacy just discovered her ADORABLE site. She’s got a big catalog of delicious looking paleo recipes we can’t wait to try! Go check out her “paleo recipes” icon.
  • Lillian’s Test Kitchen. We LOVE to watch her videos and then cook the recipes (usually Paleo or easily adaptable) ourselves. Lillian was one of our very first inspirations!
  • My Paleo Life. Brock has his own inspirational story worth reading, and his meaty recipes aren’t too shabby either. Check out his site and visit his Spreadshirt shop as well – Stacy wears her Wolfpack shirt all the time!
  • Daily Bites. As a graduate of the same school as Balanced Bites, this clever little fox is usually up to some good stuff. Today’s Cranberry & Cream Chocolate Tart looks great but the Turkey & Winter Vegetable Chili is calling my name, too. Go check the (usually paleo) Hallie out!
  • Primal Kitchen. This “Family Grokumentary” has the largest collection of paleo lunch boxes I’ve ever seen. Tremendous stuff! If you need inspiration, you need look no further!
  • The Fit Daffy. If you love Nom Nom Paleo and FitBomb, then you’ll love their cousin as much as me – Daf. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying reading about her journey with her “kettlebell” pregnancy – and her food inspires me to try new things.
  • PaleoBlocks. This isn’t the most active of sites, but it was one of my favorites when I first found paleo. I suggest you look back through the archives for some great recipes and helpful posts. Maybe we can encourage them to get back at it!
  • Brittany at Real Sustenance (Gluten and Dairy Free Recipes). I love when gluten-free foodies bridge the gap and go grain-free. Brittany’s taken it even further and eliminated a ton of foods to regain her health. She’s become an advocate for gut health – plus, her recipes and site are worth checking out!
  • Lea from Paleo Spirit. She came to my defense in the eye of the sugar storm and I’ve adored her since. Great, beautiful, uplifting blog – check her out!
  • Laura from Ancestralize Me! When Cave Girl Eats, Balanced Bites and others encouraged me to look into this blog, of course I listened. And you should too, since it’s quirky, fun and informed. I can’t wait to meet Laura at Paleo f(x): Ancestral Momentum – Theory to Practice Symposium!
  • Tara from The Foodie and The Family. With menu plans and gorgeous food, I am NEVER disappointed when I see a new post. Go check it out and you’ll find yourself pinning and printing a bazillion recipes!
  • Kyle from Family Living Simple. They’ve just moved their site (here: and made it all snazzy. Visit their blog for family-friendly recipes and pictures of adorable babies! p.s. I LOVE their t-shirts and just ordered this one for myself with Spreadshirt!
  • Jude from Smart Sexy Paleo – on an awesome weight loss journey, this is one of my favorite wizards of Oz. Visit her blog for inspiration and down-to-earth approach to living clean and finding inner peace with your past.