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Paleo To Go: Meals & Snacks for Work, School & Travel eBook is here! And to celebrate we’re offering 25% off the price of both of our eBooks if you buy them together (click here for the bundle)!




Paleo To Go is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. The eBook is 100 pages and chock-full of awesome information! Get  your copy today

Paleo To Go includes:

  • Our ON THE GO: A Healthy Meal in 3 Steps guide
  • Our take on My Plate, a paleo-friendly MY LUNCHBOX to help portion out a healthy lunchbox
  • Our IN THE BOX list: Ideas for Packing the Perfect Lunch guide, with recommendations (by categories used in My Lunchbox and the My Favorites Things list)
  • Our guide to using the right kind of storage containers, WHAT’S ON THE OUTSIDE MATTERS, TOO!
  • Our MY FAVORITES THINGS, a “no complain” list for the family to print, save, and use when packing lunches (printable)
  • Our guide to GRAB-AND-GO paleo-friendly convenience foods
  • Our SAMPLE LUNCHES section with 40+ complete and healthy snack and meal ideas, perfect for on-the-go
  • Over 50 delicious, simple, easy recipes to get you started on the right path
  • Recipe and Allergen Indexes, with over Resource guides to our RECOMMENDED EXPERTS, COMMUNITY, PRODUCTS WE LOVE and TOOLS WE USE
  • EXCLUSIVE COUPONS and DISCOUNTS to our favorite vendors and products



[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]The Paleo Parents have got the art of meeting paleo dieters’ needs down to a science. Smart, beautiful, practical, and tasty, Paleo to Go is the book I was waiting for to make eating paleo away from home not just a breeze, but a delight.

-Stefani Ruper, Paleo for Women and Author of Sexy By Nature [/author_info] [/author]


button_buyItNowThis incredible e-book has been a vision of ours for years. Upon our entrance into the paleo scene in 2010, we have been asked countless times how we make it actually work. To us, as a busy family of 5, making it work often means eating on the go. We always eat healthy meals and we always eat dinner together as a family, but in the hustle and bustle out the door to school and work often means “grab and go” food for breakfast and lunch. When we travel we like to feel our best, which means continuing to make the best food choices we can.

That’s why we’ve written Paleo To Go, to help all the busy folks who are eating on the go.

Our mission, since the realization that eating real foods on the go isn’t easy, has been to offer people tools that we wished we’d had along the way! As you can imagine, over 4 years we’ve answered the question on just how to make paleo work on-the-go a myriad of ways –including several episodes of our podcast, video blogs, blog posts and more. This ebook combines all of that information and knowledge with recipes, lunch ideas and more for an allergen-friendly guide that would help people survive a busy day with real food.

Paleo to Go TOC by Paleo Parents

 We’ve incorporated an allergen-friendly approach to Paleo To Go, similar to our approach in our bestselling printed book Eat Like a Dinosaur. Since so many schools are now going nut-free and many of our readers experience many food allergies or intolerance, we wanted to make a book that could accommodate everyone (well, as much as we could). The book covers both how we recommend avoiding allergens, as well as our work-around recommendations for replacing common troublesome paleo ingredients (like almond flour and eggs).

Paleo to Go Pages by Paleo Parents

 Each recipe includes a map to all of the allergens so that it’s easily identified is the recipe will work for you or your family!

Creamy Ranch Coleslaw from Paleo To Go by Paleo ParentsWe’ve got over 50 recipes, including some of our fan favorites and many new recipes – like this Perfect Roast Beef (not) Deli Meat!

  Perfect Roast Beef (not) Deli Meat from Paleo To Go by PaleoParents Perfect Roast Beef (not) Deli Meat from Paleo To Go on PaleoParents

And Cole’s new recipes for Ants on a Log with Homemade Sun Butter – easy enough for a kid to make themselves ♥

Ants on a Log with Homemade Sunbutter from Paleo To Go on PaleoParents

But it’s not only about recipes, Paleo To Go offers our recommendations on when and how to incorporate paleo-friendly convenience foods – including the companies we specifically use and recommend.

Grab and Go from Paleo To Go by Paleo ParentsBest of all, Paleo To Go, has put together over 40 meal and snack ideas! These ideas include breakfast, lunch and snacks all perfect for taking on-the-go!

Snack and Meal Ideas from Paleo To Go by Paleo Parents

Last but not least, to ensure you can create these creative meal combinations yourself we’ve created an entire section with several guides and lists that include paleo-friendly foods by the ways you can think about packing your lunches (protein, fat, veggies & fruit). We’ve also included our take on My Lunchbox (a paleo-friendly lunch spin on the Government’s My Plate) to help you map out what to include in your lunch box. With a list of common and our favorite paleo foods as well as printables for your fridge to create your own favorite lists, lunch never has to be a struggle again!

Why an eBook?

This is digital answer to the question we get asked digitally nearly every day. And as a result, it means you get a family-friendly resource to use immediately. And, as new products emerge, we write new recipes we fall in love with and better ideas come to us you’ll have the advantage of lifetime updates! You will ALWAYS have the most up-to-date information and recommendations.

Need help putting the Paleo To Go PDF on your tablet, kindle or other device? We’ve got instructions HERE.

Don’t like eBooks?

Paleo To Go is YOURS for $16.95.  That’s over 85 pages of interactive awesomesauce, including over 50 recipes and 40 Meal & Snack Ideas to help your family succeed. But we know some of you don’t like eBooks or will want something in hand. GREAT NEWS! We’ve formatted Paleo To Go to be sized 8.5×11 so you can print it easily!