About Matthew

Matt’s the keeper of our kitchen.  He was a bit slower on the Paleo bandwagon than Stacy, but was soon on board with getting healthy and staying fit.  As a Stay At Home Dad (SAHD) of our 3 boys (ages 5 and under) he’s got his hands more than full.  Somehow, he manages to stay on top and keep the ship afloat.

Here’s his Before & After and personal story:

That’s me, at 224lbs, above.  At my height I weighed 242lbs.  Below, I’m 66lbs lighter at 176lbs.  I am currently working on gaining muscle mass, since I’ve now achieved my ideal leanness.

I spent half my life terrifyingly tiny. I was 4’11” and 90 lbs until I was 16. I was constantly picked on and mercilessly tormented by people who ought to know better because I was too weak to stand up for myself. I became a fan of action movies and idolized pro wrestlers because the thing I wanted most was to be able to defend myself.

I spent the second half of my life battling my own propensity to put on weight. I’ve always had an extremely difficult time with control my impulses with food. I ballooned up to 265 pounds. I also struggled with intense bouts of depression, especially during the winter when I was unbearable. On top of all that, I’ve always had intense seasonal allergies. I used to joke that I was a man of no season: too depressed in the winter, too sneezy in the summer.

When Stacy started Paleo and I realized she had figured it out I got on board and have never looked back. All the issues that I had seemed to disappear without me even noticing. And the strength. Paleo turned me into the action hero hulk I’ve always wanted to be but thought was far out of reach.

I wrote about what it feels like to now be strong here.