TPV Podcast, Episode 87: Live from Paleo f(x)

Our eighty-seventh show!

Ep. 87, Live from Paleo f(x)

In this episode of The Paleo View, Sarah, Stacy and EVEN Matt host a podcast recording from Paleo f(x), sharing on their favorite vendors and new products, and are joined by many guests from the paleo community for some casual (insanely entertaining) banter. Who can you expect to hear from? Mickey, Alex, Diane, Russ, Tony, and Stefani.

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The Paleo View (TPV), Episode 87, Live from Paleo f(x)

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  • Kristen

    This one was a lot of fun to listen to! Loved the random facts and getting more of a glimpse of everyone’s personalities.

    Also, I’m with Russ on the onions! :) I can’t stand them.