Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up

Thanksgiving is a time for extended family and friends to get together. Planning a menu that accommodates many different eating habits and favorite foods can be tricky! At our house, as we mentioned in our 2012 and 2011 menus, we have Paleo, Vegan and standard eating attendees that need to be accomodated. Over the years we’ve found some great recipes that make EVERYONE happy. Here, we’ve gathered our old favorites AND a few new dishes to help you plan your Holiday meal. Also, we recommend you check out Danielle from Against All Grain’s new ebook, Thankful for more recipe ideas ♥


It’s easy to go overboard with the sweets and treats during the Holidays. Substitute a few of your favorite adult beverages (full of sugar) for one of these tasty holiday drinks – and save room for dessert.

apple-cider-soda-homemade-recipe Egg-Nog-Bonanza


Reinvent the cheese ball and the stuffed mushroom appetizers with these VEGAN versions.

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Main Course

Our bacon wrapped turkey is gorgeous and delicious, and if you’ve got a large gathering, this ham makes a great second main dish!



Whether you host a potluck or do all of the cooking yourself, a mix of colorful veggies is a must for your table. Choose 3-5 sides to get a variety and satisfy everyone’s tastebuds!

tumblr_inline_mw4ws0ZSV11qdei8msweet potato drop biscuits from BeyondBacon by PaleoParents 740
cast iron kale



This is really why everyone came to dinner, right? Surprise and delight (and possibly convert) your non-Paleo friends and family with these tasty treats!

IMG_1902-640x392 IMG_5247-1024x768

And don’t forget our favorite autumn time dessert, the Holiday Bundt Cake!
Holiday Bundt Cake

please note that all photos used are from the original content creators and we encourage you to click the image and be taken to their site for the full recipes!

We hope we’ve inspired you, guided you, or planned with you! Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays of the year. We always look forward to cooking good food for the ones we love and sharing good times. We, personally, have a lot to be thankful for.

May you have the happiest of Thanksgivings and may you share it with someone you love.

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  • Brittany Bach

    This totally rocks! Thank you so much for compiling this. Everything looks so good and this will save me so much planning time as I put together this year’s turkey day menu. Great selections!