Our 10 Year Renewal – Part 2 of 5 (Giveaways!)

This week our blog will be dedicated to the celebration of our 10 year anniversary,  Saturday January 21, 2012.

Today’s post is on the ambiance and decorations. From hair clips to hanging hearts – our renewal was inspired by a romantic winter wonderland.  We had the best experience using vendors from Etsy and wanted to highlight how using this service can not only create a custom look and feel – but it makes it affordable and the customer service you’ll get is phenomenal.  The best part of these wedding decorations, in my opinion, is that they supported small businesses and are all “green.” Made from recycled materials or able to be reused in our daily lives – none of these decorations will go to waste!

These glittered branch vases were inspired by this image, made by Erin at SweetSassy and decorated with these heart ornaments, from Bookity. Bookity was so wonderful to work with – she let me adjust my purchase after I had made it and custom made these metallic toned hearts in time to ship internationally. They were perfect on the branches but also were hung from chandeliers as a “warning” so people didn’t bump their heads!  And great for you, Bookity’s offering a sister set of these custom made hearts for you to win – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

I searched high and low for how I wanted to replicate the inspirational image. Fresh garland for the length we needed would have been hundreds of dollars, and would die shortly after. Fortunately, I found this cranberry garland on clearance on Amazon and with some cut fabric bows and twinkle lights it was the perfect elegance I needed for walking into the room.

My hairclip was custom designed by Sarah at  Cat In The Box Creations.  I could not believe how above and beyond she went in sending photos to perfectly match the grey tones and sparkles in my dress. The feather had the perfect whimsy I needed to feel bride-like, but it was subtle enough to stay elegant and not overpowering. I LOVED it and paid a fraction of what some other Etsy sellers charge. I want to also point everyone to Sarah’s store because she sells much more than hair clips, including fantastic cat toys! So, go check her out because she is giving away $20 store credit to a random winner (see entry rules at the bottom of this post), she’s also offering 20% off any purchase in her shop through Valentine’s day (2/14/12)! Just enter the code PaleoParents and Sarah will ensure you receive a discount!

We created overall ambiance with candle lighting, white stained framed photos (from the last 10 years) and chalkboards. The candles are hand crafted gorgeous birchwood tea light holders from MiWoodCrafts. They are stupendously gorgeous and I’m looking forward to utilizing them in our home regularly! Upon walking in we had a wishing box, inspired by this idea.

The white washed wood items are from Morgann Hill designs. I bought a package which included most of the items you see. The quality of product was fantastic – the chalkboards actually wash easily so I was able to write with the chalkboard pen until I got it just right (several times). Morgann has some awesome non-wedding related designs, too. I love the idea of using chalkboards for messages from kids in photos – I can imagine greeting cards to grandparents, birthday counters, and first day of preschools notes. If you’re thinking chalkboards are fun too, make sure you see below to enter to win a custom colored chalkboard sign for you to do just that!

We also had a really fantastic tree print from Modern Keepsake Personalized Prints, which we requested people add their fingerprint to. This served as our guestbook and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out, the quality of the paper and the good service we got when we had some slight issues. We chose the winter wedding tree, but there were SO many to choose from. I’m planning on getting this one for Father’s Day, too!

The kissing bell was a very fun idea and I’m super glad I did it. We got this one full of personality and charm from The Shabby Shak. We  just used one of the Morgann Hill chalkboards and easels to write the note. Everytime we heard the bell, Matt and I would find each other from wherever we were in the house and embrace. And now it’s going to be our dinner bell – FUN! The Etsy seller, Angela from The Shabby Shak, is offering 3 of her most popular items to be given away, too! Read the bottom for what they are and how to win!

This illuminated mirror strand was the inspiration for our ceremony area. Our ceremony was extremely informal and short-lived, but I wanted something to gussy it up and make it twinkle a bit. Because we had a lot of daylight, the full strands in front of the windows didn’t work, so my sisters, Erin (my crafting guru) and I pinned the strands around the curtains. The result was just the right amount of sparkle without detracting from the ceremony itself.

These simple wine tags were life savers! OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration… but, because I had borrowed a limited number of wine glasses from my friend (free), these tags allowed me to avoid having to have someone pick-up empties around the house, wash and replenish glasses at the bar! I don’t know how many times I set down my glass, got pulled into something else and then a kind, dear friend would bring me my abandoned drink or I would be able to find it on my own. And, because they’re chalkboard I can keep reusing them! If you think these affordable, simple, efficient tags are as useful as me, you’re in luck because TLG Crafts is giving away these chalkboard wine charms (see below to enter)!

This series of photos from Aimee Buxton Photography takes my breath away. How she managed to get these shots without our breath in the chilly air, with the snow around and these gorgeous lights I have NO idea. But I just adore them. And it wouldn’t have been possible without these super cool mason jar strand lights from Sweet Tea Clothing Co.  They arrived packaged so safely, that not a single issue was had with all that glass! I was so impressed with her entire shop – which focuses on other re-purposes for mason jars. I also LOVE mason jars – as you can probably see since our flower vases and favors also used them! I’m super excited to be giving away a full strand of these very cool mason jar lights, see below for details!

And last but not least… our favors. Inspired by this idea, we made our own “Meant to Bee, Love is Sweet” wedding favors. The back of these tags say “Love is Sweet, an Oxfam Bee Keeper has been sponsored on your behalf.”  We had the tags custom made from Kindred Spirit Crafts. Then we used raw walnuts and pecans to fill these jars from Amazon. Lastly, we added high quality Tropical Traditions honey or maple syrup (respectively) to fill the jars and let all of the jars rest for a week. When these treats are opened by our attendees we recommended them to be used on breakfast foods or ice cream. But I caught my sister with a jar and a spoon in her purse! Whatever it’s used for, these high quality ingredients and the sentiment of sponsoring both the economy and earth was a perfect fit for Matt and I’s ideals of what a “favor” should be. If you think so too, enter to win a matching set!


Here are the giveaways and how to enter them:

  1. Cat In The Box Creations – $20 store credit: good for cool cat toys, custom hair clips and so much more!
    • To enter the giveaway for Cat In The Box Creations, “like” her Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/CatInTheBoxCreations)
    • Visit her Etsy shop (https://www.facebook.com/CatInTheBoxCreations)
    • Leave a comment telling us you did the above and note what you might use the store credit on if you win
  2. Morgann Hill – 7″x10″ Custom Chalkboard Prop (like this one)
    • To enter the giveaway for Morgann Hill Designs, “like” her Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Morgann-Hill-Designs/107933605976075?sk=wall)
    • Visit her Etsy shop (http://www.etsy.com/shop/braggingbags)
    • Leave a comment saying what you’d like to use the sign for if you win
  3. TLG Crafts – A Dozen Reusable Wine Charms (like these)
    • To enter the giveaway go to TLG Craft’s Etsy Shop and “like” or “tweet” about an item you like in her shop (there are buttons in the bottom left sidebar of the shop to do this)
    • Leave a comment saying what you shared
  4. Sweet Tea Clothing – A 10′ strand of Mason Jar Lights (hung on stainless steel, like this one)
    • To enter this giveaway for Sweet Tea Clothing, “like” her Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweet-Tea-Clothing-Co/)
    • Visit her Etsy shop (http://www.etsy.com/shop/sweetteaclothingco)
    • Leave a comment saying what you think is super cool there
  5. The Shabby Shak – 1 Set of 3 Mermaid Hooks, colors of your choice (like these here)
    • To enter this giveaway go to The Shabby Shak’s Etsy Shop and “like” or “tweet” about an item you like in her shop (there are buttons in the bottom left sidebar of the shop to do this)
    • Leave a comment saying what you’ll use these mermaid hooks for
  6. Bookity – 1 set of the same custom-made metallic colored hearts we had (see examples in her shop, perfect for Valentines!)
    • To enter the giveaway go to Bookity’s Etsy shop and “like” or “tweet” about an item you like in her shop (there are buttons in the bottom left sidebar of the shop to do this)
    • Leave a comment saying what you shared
  7. Our Wedding Favors – One raw honey & walnut favor, one maple syrup & pecan favor, and 1 bee keeper sponsorship on your behalf
    • To enter the giveaway go to Oxfam (if you’re not from the US your country should have it’s own)
    • Add us on Facebook and Twitter if you haven’t already
    • Leave a comment telling us what you learned or think is super cool about Oxfam

OK, so that leaves you 7 chances to enter for 7 fantastic prizes. If you’re not on Facebook or Twitter, that’s OK – just follow the other steps, please. Although the odds are against you, it’s technically possible for you to win them all. However, since it’s unlikely, feel free to patron these small business with excellent customer service because it’s all affordable and I can vouch for the products!

Entry to the giveaways will close at 10PM EST on Tuesday 1/31.

Please note: only comments which specify what the entry is for (i.e. the vendor and that they have followed the criteria listed above) will be able to win. Don’t miss your opportunity by ignoring the steps – one comment per vendor! Also, don’t forget to include your e-mail or other contact information!

Also note: this is not a sponsored post – we purchased every item noted above and only told the vendors we’d like to feature them after we were satisfied with our purchase. That way, we can be sure we didn’t get “special treatment.”

Final note: a special thanks goes out to Aimee Buxton Photography, Issa Michel Photography and Erin from SweetSassy for their volunteered services in making our day the most special it could be. You are all true friends Matt and I could not possibly thank enough!


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