Last week’s giveaway is now over! Congratulations to the winner, maura1131! We will be contacting you soon for details on receiving your prize!

It’s almost time! Eat Like a Dinosaur is probably on it’s way to you if you’ve pre-ordered – and will soon be on the shelf of a bookseller near you!  If you haven’t ordered yet, I HIGHLY suggest you do… as we mentioned on Facebook last week, we were notified by our publisher that the book’s sales are doing so well that we’ll need to go to reprint before the book even releases. That means we might sell out of the current printing before you get one in your hands!

Yes. You heard that right. And it’s insane. And we’re speechless. And thrilled. And honored. We can’t thank you all enough for making that happen! Without your support none of this would have happened, and we’re genuinely so grateful for the opportunity to help kids embrace healthy, homemade, real food positively!

In case you’ve been living under a rock and are wondering what book, here’s a link to the Amazon “peek” inside – where you can read chapters, see the layout and even test one of our absolute favorite recipes, Frozen Waffles! We’ve also got an entire section of our site devoted to more information about the book.

Alright, so… what you’ve been waiting for. Our weekly giveaway. And this one… I’m not going to lie. I’m TOTALLY jealous you guys get this stuff. Because, unlike the other things we’ve given away, we can ALWAYS use more food! Thanks to the wonderful vendors whom we personally recommend, one lucky winner will get nearly ALL the ingredients in the book with this giveaway! What’s included?


1. Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour, BIG 5lb bag

We’ve been using Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour for years. It is the recommended brand by Elana and we’ve found that for us it’s absolutely the best, too.  We’ve tried quite a few different flours over the years, but if you’re looking for the best results when baking, Honeyville brand is what we recommend.

Our book offers quite a few “special treats.” We’ve found that for most gluten-free, real food families, the hardest part of adapting is helping your kid feel “normal.” When they don’t eat grains or legumes, the pickings can be slim. But with almond flour, we make Chocolate Chip Cookies (exclusive to the book but you can try our Lactation Cookies if you’d like), Pumpkin Pucks and Apple Pie Cupcakes that taste better than I remember standard old versions ever being!

We know that almond flour can be expensive. I remember when we first went paleo and saw the price tag we FREAKED out. The good news is, the cost will help you limit how many treats you eat. The even better news is that it lasts a long time. You don’t use as much when you bake, and the rich flavor only requires half the usual quantities of wheat flour.

The best news is that Honeyville has provided an EXCLUSIVE 10% discount code for the release of Eat Like a Dinosaur. Simply use the code “EATLIKEDINO” between now and March 17th, 2012 to receive 10% off your entire order at Honeyville (except shipping, which is always a flat $4.49!).

The winner of this giveaway gets 1 5lb bag of Honeyville Blanced Almond Flour, and…

2. A HUGE Tropical Traditions Prize Pack, including:

1 gallon pail each of Coconut Flakes and Palm Shortening

32 Fl oz of Gold Label Virgin Coconut OilCoconut Flour (2.2lb bag), and Raw Honey (17.6 oz glass jar)

and a $50 Gift Certificate for any other items you may desire!

We often sing the praises of Tropical Traditions. I’ve been a member of a local co-op wholesale buying group for years! This helps make their superior quality, sustainable and absolutely fantastically delicious ingredients affordable for the family. Of course, always a savvy shopper, I regularly review their Weekly Sales page and always pounce on a good sale too!

So, what do you do with all these amazing ingredients? Well to start, we cover these and even more Tropical Traditions products we love on Our Funny Ingredients page. We use coconut flour too – it’s completely different nutritional and cooking profile from almond flour, so we often combine them – like in our Cherry Macadamia Crumble (exclusive to the book) and Apple Pie Cupcakes. In the book our Make Your Own Trail Mix “project”, Movie Bars and of course Grain-Free Granola call for coconut flakes.

But the ingredient I bet garnering most of your attention is the Palm Shortening. It’s our most asked about ingredient. Sometimes called Vegan Shortening, it makes a lot of you nervous. But here’s the thing… palm shortening is simply 100% palm oil, fluffed up a bit. It’s non-hydrogenated, and the concentrated saturated fat is a great addition to all those Omega 6 fats you’re trying to remove from your diet. If you like coconut oil, palm shortening is the baking equivalent. We specifically like it because it has the texture of butter, since we don’t eat dairy. It’s perfect for replicating the texture of traditional frostings too, like our Caramel Icing and Cinnamon Ginger Frosting.

The winner of this prize pack gets all 5 items above, as well as a $50 gift certificate to Tropical Traditionsin order to buy any other items you may want to cook with from the book (like Coconut Cream Concentrate and Grade B Maple Syrup), and…

3. A HUGE US Wellness Meats Prize Pack

We’ve talked about US Wellness Meats on the site a lot, especially this month since we’re the Featured Chefs! You, like us, might be hesitant to have meat shipped to you. But, we were shocked to discover how well preserved and fresh it is when it arrives nearly the next day in an air-tight cooler with dry ice (p.s. the kids LOVE the day our meat arrives when we all get to “play” (supervised) with the dry ice).  And the customer service is always phenomenal. How can we not be excited to share a company who cares about animals, the earth and about making you the healthiest you can be with quality nutrient dense meat?

The winner of this prize pack will win the above pictured items:

  • 2 lbs 75/25 ground beef
  • 1 28oz large top sirloin
  • 1.5lb pork bacon
  • 1 lb ground lamb
  • 1lb beef liver
  • 1lb (2-3) chicken breast
  • 2lbs wild-caught raw shrimp
  • 1 beef heart (about 1.5lbs)
So what can you make with all this awesome humanely raised meat? How about, Spaghetti with Meatballs

and Shrimp Fried Rice, Beef with Broccoli and a favorite from testers – Maple Chicken Salad.

You’d still have enough meat left to also make Beef Jerky, Spinach with Bacon, and Shepherd’s Pie. Or a dozen other recipes that use a combination of these awesome cuts… that’s up to you and your little as you explore and meal plan with Eat Like a Dinosaur!


4. A signed (by the whole family) copy of Eat Like a Dinosaur

We cannot guarantee that the boys won’t just scribble, but it adds a personal touch – right?

With all these goodies, you can most certainly BE A DINOSAUR and EAT YOUR WAY THROUGH THE BOOK!

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Giveaway Closes March 19th at 10AM EST – when we will then be posting our 4th in the Eat Like a Dinosaur Giveaway Extravaganza series! Please note, I’m sorry but this giveaway is for US entrants only (we must be able to ship from in order for you to enter this giveaway).

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