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I have great news, everyone!

No, seriously. It’s great news for me! I got one of the items on my Christmas wishlist! I got a Blendtec Designer Series blender with a Wildside Jar AND a Twister jar!

And Blendtec wants to give one of you one of these for free!

Get ready, because instructions to win our very Blendtec Wildside with Twister Jar (made with nut, seed & coconut butters in mind!) are at the bottom of this post. For now, I’m going to share what I look forward to using my Blendtec Blender for. I’m especially excited to finally have a blender strong enough to make our own almond & coconut milks without frightening chemicals hidden in them!

All photos from the blogger’s sites, click the photo for the recipe:
Top Row: Elana’s Pantry’s Almond Milk, Against All Grains’ Cashew Butter, The Paleo Mom’s Coconut Milk;
Middle Row: Laura Pappas Health’s Banana Bread,
Paleo Spirit’s Mayonnaise, PaleOMG’s Green Smoothie;
Bottom Row:
Our Blueberry Smoothie, Our Butternut Squash Ice Cream, The Clothes Make the Girl’s Sweet Potato Soup with Bacon

Now, why Blendtec? It’s the “swiss army knife” of blenders; look at all the functions it can serve:


It’s truly impressive and I think I’m in love. This thing will smooth out anything. I’ve already used in twice in recipes for Beyond Bacon: to make a chili sauce for grain-free Tamales (seriously, check out the pic) and to make a smooth-as-butter acorn squash soup.

It is seriously beyond my wildest expectations. I never would have thought that any blender could have chopped those chilies so fast! Not to mention, with so much pureeing of nuts, coconut and everything else in our kitchen – we’ve killed TWO food processor motors in ONE year. It was time to upgrade, and when I did my research I knew Blendtec was the replacement I wanted. Let’s be honest, if this device is going to be performing so many functions in my kitchen, it needs to be able to sit out on my counter! Also, a lot of the bloggers we respect have and love Blendtec (like Kelly, Juli, and Danielle).



It is a significant investment, but for the warranty and customer service that comes along with it, it should pay for itself! You can make it more affordable by getting a refurbished model (ours is!); we also have found that refurbished models are widely available and just like used cars – totally worthy of your adoration. The reason this shouldn’t concern you is because Blendtec’s motors were originally made for the commercial industry, just look at this comparison between a regular motor and Blendtec’s 1,560 watt technology!


This week, you should look forward to me using it to make several recipes because it’s totally Blendtec week! We’ll be reviewing this product all week with our honest feedback. The boys will get to touch buttons and let us know what they think

TBDS product page

As a result, we’ll have terrific new recipes for you to try! But I know what you’re saying: How is this going to benefit me? I don’t own this particular product, so I don’t think I’ll even be able to make your recipes! Never fear – you can win one here!

Blendtec Giveaway by PaleoParents

How to Enter to Win Your Own Blendtec:

So you want to make recipes like those featured above? Then here’s how to win a Wildside blender with Twister Jar from Blendtec! Comment for each qualification individually, but keep in mind that the first six are optional, but the last two are not! We will be checking to ensure the winner has completed all of the required steps!

  1. Make sure you’ve liked and follow us on Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (leave a comment for each).
  2. Make sure you’ve liked and follow Blendtec on Facebook page, Twitter, and Pinterest (leave a comment for each).
  3. Share this post link and/or the giveaway featured photo on the social media of your choice.
  4. Subscribe to The Paleo View in iTunes.
  5. Pre-Order Beyond Bacon.
  6. Leave a review for Eat Like a Dinosaur.
  7. Subscribe to Blendtec’s weekly newsletter!
  8. Tell us what you’ll be making, were you to win the blender!

We’ll select the winner on Tuesday February 5th at 9PM EST and announce it on the Facebook page. Remember when you enter: provide an email address so that we can contact you! If all you leave is a Facebook account and your privacy settings prevent me from messaging you, I’ll be unable to let you know if you win!

Tomorrow: Sunflower seed FLOUR? Can it replace tree nut flour?

(if you are able)

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