Beyond Bacon T-Shirts Are Here

UPDATE: get 15% off t-shirts from now until June 7, 2013 with code MYSHIRT2013

Keep reading until the end of the post to find out how you can win the shirt of your choice!

Ever since we revealed the first cover of Beyond Bacon, we’ve gotten the same request over and over: “When are you going to make shirts out of that cool pig on your cover?

Our reply was always, “Soon!” With so many projects in the works, it hard to find the time to do those things that would be neat, but are slightly beyond your skill level and much less important in the face of actually writing the book and running the blog! But, thanks to the help of our friend Justin (the greatest thing Reddit has introduced me to), we have finally done Beyond Bacon designs for you! In fact, Stacy and I were the very first order last night.

We’re quite proud of the work we’ve done here and truly hope you love the new designs as well.


This was an idea Stacy has had for over a year! Do you enjoy smoked or slow roasted pork shoulder? Are you incapable of lying about it? Then this is the shirt for you! Proudly Proclaim your Pork Preference!

 PtLLadies PtLKids

A frequent saying during the making of Beyond Bacon, “Praise the Lard” truly reflects our love for pork fat and all its varied uses. Do you, too, love pigs as much as us? Well, shout it out like us – we guarantee this one will be a conversation starter and excellent opportunity to discuss the benefits of saturated fat and Vitamin D-rich lard!

BBKids  BBLadies

Finally, are you tired of all your friends neglecting the other 95% of the pig in favor of cured pork belly? Want to tell the world that you can think outside the strip? Get your very own Beyond Bacon shirt!


Are you as excited as us? Wonderful! Now for the fun part: WIN your very own Paleo Parents shirt in any size, style or color! Giveaway closes Wednesday at 10pm EST, winner announced and contacted on Thursday morning.

How do you do it? Simply leave a comment for each one of these you want to (none are necessary, as #6 is a freebie):

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  5. Leave a review for The Paleo View in iTunes (Leave an extra bonus comments if you are in a new country that we’ve never been reviewed in! I’m talking to you, Azerbaijan)
  6. Let us know which shirt design is your favorite!

And, as always, remember Matt’s rules of giveaways:

  1. Please use a valid email address when using Disqus. I cannot use my dowsing rods to attempt to find which bytes form your contact address!
  2. Please follow all the rules so I don’t get frustrated by invalid entries. Nothing makes more of a sad panda than picking a winner who I have to disqualify.
  3. Please respond within 48 hours or I will have to pick a new winner! I have a certain set of skills that make me a nightmare to people who don’t respond: the ability to randomly draw again.
  4. Please be a US resident. My mana is too low to cast a Teleportation Spell!

By the way, if you need us to put a product in the store that you do not see already, email us to let us know! We’ve tried to use the fits and brands of our own favorite shirts on Spreadshirt, but we don’t mind adding more.

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