Banana Bread Balls: Nut-Free Larabar Wannabes

For 3 months now, I’ve been nut-free because I’m only eating Autoimmune-compliant paleo foods. And for 3 months now, I’ve been missing the convenience and tasty treat a Larabar always offered me while on-the-go.

A few weeks ago, however, I saw a Banana Bread Larabar at the store and a light bulb went off (as I stood there, eyes glazed over and frothing at the mouth longing for my long-lost-friend: the nut). With the magic of bananas, I could recreate this flavor of their awesome bars without nuts!

No, seriously, I did. And they’re fan-freaking-tastic. If you were a 20-something, you’d even say we Nailed it. Have you guessed how we did it yet?

Banana Bread Balls
Vegan, Paleo AND Autoimmune-friendly!



  1. ♥ Using your hands, do your best to break the banana chips into smaller pieces (about 1/3 the size, smashing with a rolling pin, is ideal but skipping this step is fine if you have a decent food processor).
  2. ♥ Add all ingredients to a food processor and pulse until they come together to form a ball when molded in your hand – about 5 minutes and the banana chips will be 1/4″ shards
  3. ♥ Form tablespoon size balls (or mustaches, as the situation may require) and roll them into the coconut flakes. This isn’t necessary, but will make this a less messy, sticky snack.
  4. ♥ EAT!

If you don’t eat them all right away, you can store them at room temperature for probably quite a while – although if more than a few days, we recommend refrigeration – where they’ll stay for months, probably.

Given the fact that these are gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free, and seed-free as well as being stable at room temperature they make a PERFECT school snack or treat. I have to admit, though, Matt and I happily enjoyed our fair share too!

I can’t wait to figure out new combinations of flavors to make using banana chips instead of nuts; I feel like a whole new world just opened up!

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  • Olivia

    Wow! Cannot wait to try these when my 21DSD is done! :) Good job!! (You could use any fruit chip for these, right?)

    • Stacy & Matt

      I plan to try future combinations with other chips, yes :) Apple pie is next on my list!

      • Sarah S


  • Teri

    For the dried whole banana’s would the flat dried banana’s from Trader Joe’s work? I am excited to make this!

    • Stacy & Matt

      I’m not familiar with those, they would need to be moist like a soft date. I found these at MOM’s and the link should take you to one you can buy on Amazon if you can’t find them otherwise. You could probably make them yourself in a dehydrator, we just haven’t tried yet.

    • Sarah S

      so excited to try these! I also thought about the TJ flat dried bananas and bought some this morning…they are moist like a soft date so I’m trying them today!!! Can’t wait!

      • Gabriela Calvi

        Can you make this treat with regular fresh bananas?

        • Stacy & Matt

          The result would likely be too soft and wet to be a portable Larabar. I’d recommend drying them in your oven beforehand if you could.

  • Audrey Volt

    I see the link for the dried bananas on Amazon, but I’m curious, where did you find yours? I will have to look at my health food store. I’d love to make this. Thanks for posting this. I did the paleo AI protocal and found that I should limit my nut consumption too.

    • Stacy & Matt

      We found ours at MOMs Organic Market

  • frugalportland

    I LOVE banana chips — have you had the freeze dried ones from TJs?

    • Stacy & Matt

      I have, but those wouldn’t work for this.

      • frugalportland

        No, they disintegrate too quickly, I’d bet. Thanks for the quick reply — I can’t wait to try these!

  • Michelle Newton Lass

    They actually had banana chips at our Walmart, that only had two ingrediants, bananas and coconut oil. I have been getting these for a snack for my husband for a while now, now something else to try! :) Thanks!

    • robyn

      what brand do you find at walmart? super intrigued, i need to pay more attention!

      • Alycia van Beusekom

        I think Wal-mart has Trader Joe

  • Jaime

    Can you buy regular bananas and just dehydrate them in the oven??? This is a wonderful recipe! You guys ROCK!!!

    • Stacy & Matt

      I’m sure there’s instructions on good ol’ Google – let us know if it works out!

  • Adriane Bowman Villanueva

    Awesome! I can’t eat nuts, seeds or eggs which has really made Paleo treats difficult. I have been loving your new recipes! I’m going to bring this to preschool next time it’s our turn for snack (they are a nut free school). About how many servings does this recipe make? I have 16 2 1/2 year olds to feed, and I’ll probably bring some fresh fruit to go with them.

    • Stacy & Matt

      I’d double it, although I think with 1 batch you could have 1 ball per kid.

  • Jessica

    Fantastic! I stopped purchasing Lara Bars after I discovered that they were involved with donating money against Prop 37! I can’t wait to make my own! :)

  • Sarah S

    Just made these! Yum! I used the Trader Joe’s “Nothing But…Banana, Flattened” (one pack was enough).

    I made 16 balls and cost only $3.80! (probably about 8-10 Larabars worth?)


  • Michel Resnick DiPalma

    These are fantastic. I’m allergic to tree nuts. This was a great recipie and now I have a great nut free treat to enjoy that is DELISH!

  • Kim Wojcuilewicz

    I cannot even tell you how excited I am that I found this recipe!! My 5 year old son is allergic to tree nuts and I’m SO incredibly sick of buying the conventional school snacks at the grocery store with all the crap in them. I will definitely be trying these out with him this weekend! THANK YOU!!!! :)

    • Stacy & Matt

      Awesome! Glad you found it and hope you enjoy making it together!

  • Mrs. Paleo

    I used one fresh banana instead of two dried. As stated in another post, you can’t roll into shapes, but I pressed it into a loaf pan and we ate slices of it with a fork. I also added a 1/4 tsp. sea salt, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Turned out super tasty! Thanks for the idea:)

  • SSStruessel

    Unfortunately, Amazon is out of them, but I’m wondering if anyone has tried them in their dehydrator yet? I’m going to go throw some in now!