This site and all content written and published by Matthew McCarry or Stacy Toth (the Paleo Parents) is protected under copyright. What that means is that by law our recipes, photos and posts are our own and reuse or publication of any kind needs our permission.

That said, we grant the following limited rights to you for resuse defined in the following ways and examples:

  1. Reprinting photos will full credit and a link to the post which it came from (example here)
  2. Modified recipe with full credit and a link to the post which it came from (example here)
  3. Small excerpts (like listing of ingredients) without full disclosure of recipe (example would be listing ingredients – but not entire recipe – on a Pinterest post)

We do NOT however, grant permission for publication of whole recipes or uncredited sharing. Examples of this would be:

  1. Posting photos or text of recipes inside our book (ingredients & instructions), especially recipes not found online!
  2. Copying a recipe and changing the recipe slightly (swapping out the type of sweetener or fat, decreasing salt, etc) and calling it your own
  3. Using our photo on your own post without credit or link
  4. Recipe “sharing” sites or apps other than Chowstalker, Dessertstalker, Foodee and – those are the only ones we’ve given permission to share our recipes with their readership

We’re not trying to be unreasonable, and if you ask us through our contact form we will surely respond to your request. The justification for this is simply because if you print the entire recipe, no one will come and visit our site to see it. As authors of free content and recipes, the only mechanism we have to recoup the time and money it costs to run this blog is site traffic. That’s why our limited permissions are simply asking you to direct traffic back to the blog.

We sincerely appreciate your liking our content and wanting to share it with your friends or readers! If we contact you asking you to modify your content to fit these permissions, please know we’re very flattered you liked our content. We’re just as uncomfortable contacting you as you were by being contacted; we’re just trying to protect our work. Here’s a little write-up another blogger wrote about how and why we’re making the request. 

If you are a reader or follower of our blog and find our work on a site that’s uncredited or not within the above guidelines, we would VERY much appreciate you letting us know!

Affiliate Disclosure

This website does not accept paid reviews. We sometimes receive products which we choose to promote or review based on our own personal opinions and recommendations. We also use affiliate accounts to brands and products we personally use and recommend, some links to which are embedded in posts and the sidebar of the site. If you click those links it will not cost you anything further but will allow us to collect a small percentage of your purchase to pay for upkeep of this site and other business needs. Please e-mail us through the contact form above if you have any questions.

Medical Disclaimer

The Paleo Parents and their team are not certified nutritionists nor doctors and are not qualified to give medical or nutrition advice outside of our own personal recommendations based on experience. These recommendations are not to be substituted for professional medical advice.