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Nut-Free Paleo Snacks and Lunches

With nut-free lunchrooms and classrooms on the rise, there’s an increasing need for snacks that are both delicious and peanut and nut-free. With so many typical paleo snacks using nuts as a main ingredient (I’m looking at you, Larabar!),…

Real Food

Nut-Free Snacks and Lunch Box Foods

So much good food this week and in this week’s newsletter! Our Real Life We’ve been keeping meals simple the last couple weeks- like this baked chicken and roasted brussels. No need for a splattered stovetop to get crispy…


Easy Lunch Packing Ideas and New Recipes

Feeling bored with the lunch packing options? Do the kids come home from school with a lunch box full of half-eaten food? We’ve got some inspiration for you! Plus, a look at our week and two brand new recipes!…


Paleo & Nut-Free School Snack and Lunch Ideas

Hi Friends, here’s a look at our week! How bittersweet… we wrapped up the summer by spending the last weekend before school started at Smith Mountain Lake. We had SUCH A BLAST! Boat rides, inner-tubes, jumping off the dock –…


Lunchbox Challenge and T-Shirt Giveaway

We really enjoyed writing the healthy lunch box post for Sunny at AndLoveItToo - it was an inspirational idea that helped give us the drive for what we hope will be a series. We thought that since tomorrow…


Packing a Paleo Lunch is Easier Than You Think

Thanks to Sunny, I finally have the motivation to make a post that's been long overdue. I know one of the hardest challenges for us in the beginning of adapting a Paleo lifestyle (that's removal of dairy, grains, legumes,…

spring salad with herby ranch
Real Food

Healthy Fats + Light and Bright Recipes for Spring

So much good stuff packed into this week’s newsletter! Our Real Life The boys made Legit Bread Company Paleo Bread this weekend for french toast sticks. This bread is sooo incredibly good, it’s easy to make, and we love…