Book Review and a GIVEAWAY: Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe, NTP

Today, our Review Team Members, Kari and Katy, review the newly released, Eat The Yolks: Discover Paleo, Fight food Lies, and Reclaim Your Health by Liz Wolfe, NTP. 

You may remember that we already reviewed Liz’s ebook, Skintervention, and we have been long time fan of her work on her previous site, Cave Girl Eats. We think the world of this incredible author, who we met years and years ago when she came to visit us for a screening of Farmageddon.  Even then, Liz and our family were on the same length as to what constituted real, healthy foods (except he forgot eggs, even though I know he loves them).

RealFoodLiz meets PaleoParents
Egg, Bacon, Salad, The Dressing, Period. (And Apples too.)

Although I’d love to take credit for inspiring Liz’s genius to grow since we originally met her, the credit due is quite the opposite. She inspired us turn our humble family blog into something that could help others – and she even convinced us to write Eat Like a Dinosaur! And now she’s sharing that same awesome wit with all of you in her phenomenal way, and we know that you will love it too!  Bonus: the next time someone says to you, “I only eat egg whites, all that cholesterol in the yolk is bad for you!” you can just hand them this book and they’ll be too busy laughing and learning to ever question your food again!


I’m sure many of you have already purchased Liz Wolfe’s book Eat The Yolks.  If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!

what are you waiting for


Liz Wolfe of Real Food Liz (formerly Cave Girl Eats) throws conventional dietary “wisdom” out the window!  She provides the history behind why many people believe the conventional wisdom about nutrition and then goes about correcting these thoughts.

Eat the Yolks Review

If you have listened to Liz and Diane Sanfilippo’s Podcast, you’ll hear Liz’s voice as you read her book.  Her wit and voice is light and airy but the content is heavy with knowledge and scientific data.  You will not get bored while reading her book!  On episode #118 Liz described her book as “a microcosm for everything I believe about nutrition.  And it represents all that we’ve been falsely demonizing for many, many years.”


Eat The Yolks is divided into four informative chapters: Fat, Protein, Carbs, and Nutrients.  I personally feel the chapter on Nutrients is the most important.  The most appealing reason for me to read this book was that Liz has made it clear that she cares more about nutrition rather than what fits the “rules” of Paleo.  Liz aims to give you the nutritional knowledge so that you can make good food choices for yourself.  Liz provides a rundown at the end of every chapter on what to do.  This is a quick snapshot of everything that was talked about in depth in the chapter and a great recap of the important info.

This book is great for anyone who is considering moving to a real food or Paleo lifestyle and has the typical concerns many people have: Should I be concerned about cholesterol?  Won’t eating fat make me fat?  Is it healthy to eliminate all grains?  Liz covers all these topics and busts these myths and many more!



Our Lead Assistant, Katy, also received a copy of Eat The Yolks to review, and here is what she had to say about the new book:

What I love about Eat The Yolks is that Liz takes the time to explain how the “results” of medical and nutritional studies are calculated. All too often I think that people hear about a “study” of a certain topic, like say, cholesterol, and based on what we are told of the results, they make drastic changes to their lives. Liz points out that we have to be careful of how much faith we put in those studies because of the number of factors involved, and we also have to be aware that the results of the studies can be phrased in any number of ways to suit different parties’ interests. Correlation and Causation are often confused for being the same thing, and Liz points out that marketing companies of both food and drugs take advantage of this common misconception to make the public at large believe that their product will help improve their lives in some way.

As she so eloquently explains, “here’s the truth: All that marketing is covering up some pretty damn dangerous stuff. The bloated ad budgets of Corn-This, Big Soy, and Whole-Grain-That exist not because the products are healthy and they have a moral imperative to tell the world, but because the crops are government subsidized, the products are cheap-cheap-cheap to make, and every single one suck in profits right along with that last piece of Big Agriculture’s soul.” Eat The Yolks, pg. 141

I LOVED the in-your-face honesty in this book. I loved that Liz went and personally researched EVERY SINGLE lie about nutrition that we have been fed, both mentally and physically, for YEARS. This book not only educates the reader about real food, but it also empowers the reader to look at nutrition and advertising with a discerning eye. I also appreciated the obvious passion and fervor that Liz has for getting the truth out. It’s aggressive and challenging, but in a completely positive way. She wants the reader to really get it. Many of the passages in the book linger in your brain, probing you to deeply consider the topics she is discussing, so that the next time you see a commercial for the newest “Heart Healthy Whole Grain” whatever – something inside you clicks, and you see it for the sad lie that it is.

I’ve already got a list a mile long of friends that I want to loan this book to, and I can’t wait for this book to get into more and more people’s hands. It’s quickly shot to the top of my “recommended reading” list for anyone who asks me about “this paleo thing” that I do because not only does it provide excellent information – but it’s entertaining and witty. Just what any newcomer (or seasoned paleo vetran) needs in their library!



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