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July 2012


The Egg-Free Saga

Some of you may know from the ongoing saga on Facebook and Twitter that after going on the WTF Plan, Stacy found that she was having a strong digestive reaction daily after breakfast (which included eggs) that she hadn’t…


ZuSketti with Bacon & Roasted Tomatoes

[Please note, this recipe was created for The Balanced Platter and made before Stacy eliminated nightshades. If you're following her WTF plan, simply make this recipe without the tomatoes and add avocado prior to serving] When I think of summer…


Paleo Parenting: Our FREE Guide

So of late we've been getting a lot of "Getting Started" type questions. As much as we'd love to answer everyone, we've focused on spending more time on our own family and just can't! While we do have a…


Stacy, seriously. WTF?

So, this post by Richard Nikoley got me thinking back when I saw it in March. It made such good sense! But I never did anything about it. I just sat by as I let pounds creep back on. I wrote a…


Grilled Peach and Ginger Ice Cream

Disclaimer: this recipe contains sugar. If this offends you, we suggest you stop reading now. If you're wondering why in the world we'd allow this demon into our home, here's some information on our view of sugar. Short story:…


Panang Beef Thai Curry

My favorite Thai restaurant, Thai Basil, serves the greatest Panang Curry I've ever had. It's slightly sweet, spicy, and full of flavor. I knew once we moved some thirty miles from Chantilly that I had to create it for…


Sometimes Paleo

We make no secret that our desire here is to balance a "normal" life with eating the paleo diet. For us, that means adhering to the principals some 95% of the time. We've seen so much health improvement from…


Fourth of July Pinterest Round-Up

I know, I know. Usually Wednesdays are guest post days, but this week we're switching it up! Since it's Independence Day in the United States, we've just decided to share all the yummy recipes we've found inside that fortress…


Favorite Things Giveaway!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED, CONGRATULATIONS TO Sharmista FOR WINNING THE PURE WRAPS! I struggled with the name of this post, ultimately I feel like you’re expecting me to wave my arms around and shout “and you get a…