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April 2012


Pankoconut Fish Sticks and Spicy Mango Salsa

You know, panko crumbs. And coconut. Stretching that too far? Well, that’s what they remind us of – sorry!  Alright, well, no matter what you call these – they’ll remind you of coconut shrimp. But they’re fish sticks! We…


We Are Weaned

Fair warning: there are pictures of adorable babies breastfeeding in this post. And not little tiny newborns - full grown, happy, healthy, normal babies and toddlers gettin' they nurse on. Guess what? It's normal. And the kind of mammal…


Guest Series: Cat from Neo-Homesteading

If you haven't yet heard, Wednesdays are our Guest Blogger Series day! It's a day where Matt and I get a bit of a mid-week break while getting to share with you some of our favorite online bloggers. …

Paleo crab balls from Real Life Paleo | Real Everything

Crab Balls

A very famous story in my family is the tale of Matthew and the crabs. You ever have those kind of embarrassing family stories that keep getting told over and over again, repeatedly causing you to turn bright red…


CrossFit Capital Games of 2012

One of the many perks of running this blog is meeting lots of interesting people. Some of them are totally awesome, but normal people with interesting tales to tell (some of those people can be found telling their amazing…


Happy National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day!

This is the most ridiculous "day" ever. However, we have kids (hence, the name Kids love cheesy holidays. So, when I (yes, this is a rare Stacy recipe!) found out that today was National Pineapple Upside Down Day…


Egg Drop Soup

Wow, what a crazy week we've had so far! Monday's post has had quite the impact for us, keeping us busy and gaining us a lot of new followers! To those new followers, welcome. I almost feel like an…


The Fattest People in Paleo

I'm from the internet. I know things. I know how paleo is perceived out there by the non-believers. I hear "The Paleo Diet is only for super athletes." Why wouldn't people think that when one of our heroes is…


Taking on Too Much

One of the things that I made myself promise to do for April, was stop taking on too much. I've been EXTREMELY busy in my career job. When I'm already putting in 10-14 hours a day there, having anything…


Release Month Is Over!

Well, we made it through what was perhaps the most busy month of our lives and have reached the end of the insane marketing blitz for Eat Like a Dinosaur! We hope that everyone who wanted a copy got…