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March 2012


Rendering Suet into Tallow

UPDATE: We now follow the method found here for rendering.  A few weeks back we visited Mt. Vernon Farms and, among the other goodies we got, picked up some grass-fed beef suet. Suet is essentially pure fat that is…


More ELaD Kindness to Share

We are so grateful! The past week has been quite the whirlwind! We are so humbled that so many of you have enjoyed our book and have found it to be useful in your homes. Without the support of…


In Our Gluten-Free Kitchen

Today we’re guest blogging at Celiacs In The House for the Gluten-Free Kitchen Series. I love that her blog focuses on eating for what works for personal health, and that she eats without a label – a diet most…


Your Non-Cooperative Spouse

This is one of those few posts we recommend only the adults hang around for... I mean, it's your call. But we're gonna talk about some stuff related to relationships and keeping your spouse happy. Alexa tells me that our…


Pay It Forward: The Last ELaD Giveaway

  News Flash: super stealth announcement at the end of this post! So we’ve done quite a few giveaways this month, in celebration of our newly released book – Eat Like a Dinosaur. If you recall, first we gave…


Sweet Heart Jerky

Heart. It’s not just for Captain Planet anymore! You’ve heard all the hype about how heart is high in iron and how healthy it is, but you probably have no idea how to use it. Well, here’s our secret:…