Paleo Parents Video Blog ep 2: Our Paleo Pantry

Today on Episode 2 Paleo Parents Vlog, Cole and Stacy explore our pantry after throwing out some foul food items. Normally we have fresh jerky and LaraBars on the bottom shelf as well – but, it’s hard to keep these boys satiated!

What’s in your Paleo pantry? Help and tell us what’s missing!

About Stacy

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Stacy is the matriarch of the Paleo Parents family. After beginning a paleo diet and founding in 2010, she lost 135 pounds and found health and happiness for the whole family. The following three years have been a progressive journey with a mission to educate people about nourishing their bodies by eating real foods. Stacy can be found on all forms of social media as @PaleoParents as well as the top-rated The Paleo View Podcast and her two cookbooks, Eat Like a Dinosaur and Beyond Bacon.