Release and Relax

We’ve had a little pause in the blogging so that Stacy and Finian could take some time to visit our friends Bill & Hayley for their book release party in Pittsburgh, PA.  It was a lovely weekend where Mom and our middle boy could bond and have fun together.

My snuggly and sweet Fini thoroughly enjoyed his one on one time. We stopped a few times on our lengthy car drive to enjoy the scenery; fall is a gorgeous time to drive through the mountains of Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania! When we arrived at B&H’s Finian immediately took to Hayley… he’s got a thing for kind, pretty ladies.

Their Book Release Party was absolutely lovely, and Finn had a blast playing with their family and friends’ children.  The Paleo community has always been open and welcoming, it’s part of what drew me in as a committed blogger. It was indescribably refreshing to be surrounded by healthy and happy people who have bright eyes and wide smiles.

We hope you set aside time this weekend for people who help you grow as a person, give you encouragement, and brighten your day.  After a few days with Primal Palate and Balanced Bites, I’m happy to return home with 2 whole weekend days ahead of me (with all of my boys) and already a warmed heart – love the feeling!

You’ll find more pictures on our Facebook page and even more on Primal Palate’s Facebook page.

p.s. Don’t forget to purchase and review Make It Paleo this week, it’s officially released!  They might be having a local signing – so if you’re interested in meeting them (and us) follow on Facebook or Twitter for announcements!


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