Getting Together

In yesterday’s post we talked about all of our recent dinner parties.  And why not? Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy the splendors of the season with family and friends! Now that the weather is cooling off, playing inside can be loads of fun.

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of having Fitdaffy and her adorable chubster over. The menu? A comforting breakfast for dinner, which we hoped would help the duo recover from their west coast red-eye flight and some icky weather in DC.  Since Daf is nut-free Paleo, we had fun making some stuff everyone could eat, including our Not Sugar Cookies – her little one about killed us all with how much he enjoyed making cookies and playing with the big boys.  We also made a kale frittata, bacon, blueberry sauce and Frozen Waffles – a recipe from Eat Like a Dinosaur.

We were sad to have Daffy leave after such a short time, but just more reason for us to go west for a visit to see her again, as well as Nom Nom (and by default FitBomb) and my good friend Daynah!  Mark my words – we will visit west!

In the meantime, we’re enjoying hanging out and getting to know some local paleo folk through our meat-up group.  This weekend we had a wonderful time getting to know quite a few folks, including some adorable paleo kids! Now that we’re a little settled with book stuff (almost) wrapped up, we’ll be having a recurring meeting every 3rd Thursday again – and hopefully more potluck and fun kiddo stuff too.

It was a beautiful thing to see so many kids chowing down on brussel sprouts, broccoli & cauliflower, meatloaf, and guacamole tongue taco lettuce cups!  Thanks to Nick & Janet, Aimee & Brian, Polina, Gretchen & Gretchen’s husband (whose name I’ve forgotten – SORRY! – but that’s because I was too busy enjoying watching their son and Cole play so nicely all afternoon!) for bringing good company and awesome food – it was so nice to meet you all!

The food was – as you can see – quite a delicious spread. The apple cider, which we made by adding apple juice, water and Wildtree Mulling Spices, to a crockpot on medium heat for a few hours was a big hit. You can make your own free by winning our giveaway, so go spread the word and enter a few more times before it closes on November 3rd!


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