Free Copies Update for Eat Like a Dinosaur

Did you know we’re giving away free copies of Eat Like a Dinosaur to top referrers? If not, read more about it here. Essentially, use this link on your site and we’ll give the top 10 referrers a free copy of the book – with the top referring getting a signed copy by the entire family!  We got a free copy of Make It Paleo this way by simply adding an image with link to our sidebar!  Here is our leader-board so far:

  1. is in the lead for a signed copy!

It’s wide open right now, so send us some love, so we can send it back to you!

p.s. We’re 12 likes away from the first peek inside the book, simply “like” the book on Amazon and when we hit 75 we’ll share some goodies with you!


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  • Michelle Lloyd

    Only 1 away now! I must have this book for my daughter!! Too cute :)

    • Stacy & Matt

      Thank you! Everyone’s efforts made for a swift posting – it’s up now!