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Our Family Story

Our lives have completely changed since adopting a Paleo lifestyle. Now happy, energetic, and full of joy, Stacy and Matt (the Paleo Parents) were once crabby, lethargic and over 200lbs heavier. Read More…


The Podcasts

Nationally syndicated and award-winning top-rated health podcast, The Paleo View is helps people (especially families) live their best life by following a paleo lifestyle. Fitness podcast Strong Woman Radio focuses on the how-to and why of health and mental benefits for women who lift heavy things!


Favorite Things

From books to snacks; we love trying (and sharing) new things! Find everything from kitchen supplies and ingredients to our favorite vendors and blog posts on our Resources Page for our recommendations you may have seen us share in media.




Ten Ways to Get the Most Out of a Disney Trip

In the US, we are entering Spring Break season, and that means 90% of you (OK, maybe only 77%) are planning to make the pilgrimage to Disney to visit the Mouse and friends. You are definitely going to have a great time! We went last year and shared with everyone what... read more

Do Something Different This Year

THANKS ALL FOR ENTERING! OUR WINNERS ARE RACHEL STOUDLY & ANDREA BARRETT! Today is the first day of 2016; and nearly every person will come up with a “resolution” – of which a supposed 8% will keep. Instead of thinking of this as the day of the... read more

Monkey Bread 2.0

It was 4 years ago when we first perfected paleo-friendly monkey bread. Every year since we have been filled with joy hearing how your families all enjoy a tradition with one of our recipes! But since that time we’ve become more aware of further food... read more

Friendsgiving and (vegan) Thanksgiving Menu 2015

Of late, a trend seems to be developing of having two Thanksgiving meals. One with your family on Thanksgiving Day and a second one with just close friends sometime before or after. We decided that this was a splendid idea and had our own “Friendsgiving”... read more
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