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Our Family Story

Our lives have completely changed since adopting a Paleo lifestyle. Now happy, energetic, and full of joy, Stacy and Matt (the Paleo Parents) were once crabby, lethargic and over 200lbs heavier. Read More…


The Podcasts

Nationally syndicated and award-winning top-rated health podcast, The Paleo View is helps people (especially families) live their best life by following a paleo lifestyle. Fitness podcast Strong Woman Radio focuses on the how-to and why of health and mental benefits for women who lift heavy things!


Favorite Things

From books to snacks; we love trying (and sharing) new things! Find everything from kitchen supplies and ingredients to our favorite vendors and blog posts on our Resources Page for our recommendations you may have seen us share in media.




Natural Beauty & Hygiene AKA Skintervention 2.0

Don’t miss the GIVEAWAY for Stacy’s favorite products at the end of this post! AND the discount codes mentioned in the post!! The giveaway has ended and the winner is Sarah Peters! At least several times a week I am asked via social media or otherwise what... read more

Announcing the Family Resolution Revolution Bundle

Setting resolutions for the new year has gotten a bad reputation in recent years. The media loves to share statistics on how few meet the goals they set, how many forget their goals by mid-January, and how common it is to quickly put the dream of a healthier new year... read more

Self Respect is the New Self Love

Earlier this week I was reminded to finish a post I’ve been drafting for about 6 months. This is the third version of this post that I’ve put together, and hopefully by now I’ve collected my thoughts on the matter enough to share my philosophy on the... read more
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